Fire Retardant

Prevents flaming, allowing the grass to smolder only. The fire can then be extinguished with dry foam extinguishers, preventing water damage.

SUPERCOTE... Is resistant to fire, sunlight, fungus, bacteria and monkey, bug, bird damage.

Slows down the ageing process of grass. Doubles the life of your thatch.

Cuts the cost of maintenance.

In many instances, cuts insurance costs (particularly domestic).

Prevents storm damage due to hail and wind. also very effective in preventing dust coming through the thatch roof. People suffering with hay fever or asthma living in a thatch home has experienced great relief after the thatch was treated with Supercote.

Has undergone testing at SABS for long life (2000 hours of accelerated weathering equivalent to approximately 10 years). The only product currently on the market tested for long life.

Complies with CI.TT12.2 of the 0400 Fire Code, which allows structures in excess of 20m² to be built within 1.5m from any boundary.

The product is non-toxic and therefore not hazardous to the health of humans or animals. Once dry, Supercote has no smell at all, and is foul tasting if the treated grass is chewed. The Product is applied to the thatch with a high-pressure spray gun.

Supercote is water based product comprising UV stable acrylic resins, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and fire resistant components. The product dries within an hour of application, from which time it is non-soluble. All the components are encapsulated in the hardened resins.