Why Thatch

Thatched roofs have many advantages.

  • Thatched roofs are cool in summer warm in winter, Thatched roofs are natural insulators
  • Thatched roofs can extend your home with a lapa . Instead of selling ad onto your house a closed in lapa with a indoor braai.
  • Thatched roofs improve your lifestyle
  • Thatched roofs create a spacious atmosphere to complement the interior of the house.
  • Thatched roofs allow you to utilize the extra space and loft areas.
  • Thatched roofs will definitely allow you to relax with that in the bush holiday feeling.

A house is one of the biggest investments the average person will make. Adding a thatch roof should increase the value of your property.
This is why it is so important to contract the services of an established, reliable thatching company that offers prompt, trustworthy thatching constructions for both thatched houses and thatched lapas or thatched braai areas.
Traditional thatch roofing is beautiful and natural looking as well as creating a rustic and cool atmosphere.

Although thatch is one of the oldest of all building materials, modern, techniques ensure that interior finishes are clean, and designed to discourage insects or spider webs.
Thatch allows the creation of various free-curved shapes to create a warm, ambience that blends in well because of its natural appearance.
Thatch being a natural material, will mellow in colors from its original fresh cut reed to a darker sheen that tones in wonderfully with the South African outdoors.